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Get stoned by comical encounters narrated by yours truly, Bentley Nango – a son of the ever flooding Kano Plains

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Good Morning Europe

A true story of Kevin and I, when Europe met Africa *9 min read* Osuofia in London. If Osuofia wasn’t yelling his order – pounded yams and egusi soup – to a clearly bewildered McDonald’s chef, he was lost for words why his late brother who lived in London, bothered marrying a white girl whoContinue reading “Good Morning Europe”

Nairobi Chronicles

Original story – Lary H. Omodhi *5 min read* “Bro, unajua nini? I’m being evicted from my house,” Hilz, my cousin, one early Saturday morning, rumbled my ears over a phone call. Unsettled by the disturbing news thrown my way in quick succession, I asked Hilz to slow down and allow me imbibe the informationContinue reading “Nairobi Chronicles”

Picture courtesy: Fusion Electric

Electricity – what is it? And wait, why must I pay for it?

“Sisi tumetoka serikali kuu, sekta ya kawi. Tumewasili hapa kuwaletea ujumbe mzuri wa maendeleo kwa njia ya stima,” said the career civil servant who besides English, spoke the locals’ language; his face beaming with smile as he addressed the gathering keenly listening under a tree. He paused a bit to allow his colleague, who onlyContinue reading “Electricity – what is it? And wait, why must I pay for it?”

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