About Nango

So they ask who exactly is Nango?

Nango was my grandfather’s name. It has stuck within my family. There are so many Nangoz in my family. The name chose us, so I embraced it. Now this particular Nango provides energy solutions, sings, plays on the keyboard, preaches, talks, lectures, acts and writes.

With Art I was born and Science, that my people, I learned; the two I cherish dearly. I love talking and listening, I have never figured out which one I do more. My friends have an idea, no they have the verdict, you should ask them.

In a different world I would be a spokesman, content creator, a spin doctor some claim (I doubt this). I would have joined the military, but the Colonel in charge of the recruitment – he decided that I had more than the needed dental formula.

Movies are good, I love them. Swimming is an eternal bond. I play soccer still, for as long as Ibrahimovic Zlatan stays on the pitch, I will stay on the pitch. I have a lot to say about God, about me, about life…..each day I struggle how to plan all these…but they will come out…..yes they will, all of them.

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