The Mind-Ruining Ruins

“This tree whispers, sees, and long ago before its immense powers decayed, it used to talk to fortune-tellers and sorcerers who sought its charm in solving their client’s complex issues,” Ahmed said; his face was expressionless despite the bewilderment registered on some of our faces. “Wait, what did you say? This tree sees and whispers?”Continue reading “The Mind-Ruining Ruins”

A Sad Needless Pain

7 min read When Daberechi offered to wet nurse Isinachi, his father Obiajulu, flatly refused. Others, clearly not his friends – he was aware, urged him to give it a try. “Over my dead body! Let the child struggle or even die. But I will not let it suckle the very teat Ogbanje1 is feedingContinue reading “A Sad Needless Pain”

Something Must Kill a Man

Childhood True story***10 min read “Tonight, we’ll read Genesis chapter 27,” dad announced once we all gathered around the table after a sumptuous dinner of apoth, ugali, and delicately prepared smoked fish stew doused with alligator pepper. Allow me to jog your minds a little. This particular chapter of Genesis expounds on how Jacob, with aContinue reading “Something Must Kill a Man”

Good Morning Europe

A true story of Kevin and I, when Europe met Africa *9 min read* Osuofia in London. If Osuofia wasn’t yelling his order – pounded yams and egusi soup – to a clearly bewildered McDonald’s chef, he was lost for words why his late brother, who lived in London, bothered marrying a white girl who couldn’t cook.Continue reading “Good Morning Europe”

Nairobi Chronicles

Original story – Lary H. Omodhi *5 min read* “Bro, unajua nini? I’m being evicted from my house,” Hilz, my cousin, one early Saturday morning, rumbled my ears over a phone call. Unsettled by the disturbing news thrown my way in quick succession, I asked Hilz to slow down and allow me to imbibe the informationContinue reading “Nairobi Chronicles”

Electricity – what is it? And wait, why must I pay for it?

“Sisi tumetoka serikali kuu, sekta ya kawi. Tumewasili hapa kuwaletea ujumbe mzuri wa maendeleo kwa njia ya stima,” said the career civil servant who besides English, spoke the locals’ language; his face beaming with smile as he addressed the gathering keenly listening under a tree. He paused a bit to allow his colleague, who onlyContinue reading “Electricity – what is it? And wait, why must I pay for it?”

Dehorned, a rebel without a cause – part 2

Click here in case you missed part 1. He was buried in his book – the Desire of Ages, seat inclined in front of the table that was awash with the holy Bible, newspaper and other spiritual magazines. He had pitched his table at his usual spot, under the cool shade of the jacarandaContinue reading “Dehorned, a rebel without a cause – part 2”

Dear African Mothers,

We love you to the moon and back, but why are you always like this? With the advent of Mpesa, that all – saving mobile money transfer, came the true depiction of African mothers; forever broke. They are forever ‘flashing’. When you call back, you can always guess with 99.99% precision, that it is someContinue reading “Dear African Mothers,”

Dehorned, a rebel without a cause

They were scattered in batches around the high school compound. Hardened sons of the soil they were branded; for they had dared question the system and its ways. They had mounted a noticeable insurrection, a statement of defiance. They were hung in the open like grains still reeking mold unfit for stowing away in theContinue reading “Dehorned, a rebel without a cause”