Dehorned, a rebel without a cause

They were scattered in batches around the high school compound. Hardened sons of the soil they were branded; for they had dared question the system and its ways. They had mounted a noticeable insurrection, a statement of defiance. They were hung in the open like grains still reeking mold unfit for stowing away in theContinue reading “Dehorned, a rebel without a cause”

Chapatti, the dish of torment

It was during the onset of the harvest season. The light rains that occasionally graced the hot and dry afternoons making the nights a little bearable, first receded gradually behind the spectacular Nandi hills, then took a quickened retreat over the next few weeks before stopping altogether. The season before, the villagers had grown fondContinue reading “Chapatti, the dish of torment”

The Day Greed Outsmarted Reason

Village life was good, very good. I miss the good, old days when life was fresh and young when fishes flew in beautiful ponds. Well, not really ponds but rivers. Ponds are things we picked up in primary school learning; rivers picked us. We found the rivers. Our favorite river was Nyatini, a distributary andContinue reading “The Day Greed Outsmarted Reason”