What if you had that place, a one – stop shop where all your art, science, spiritual and hope thirsts are met?

That’s exactly what I am setting up; a webstore for the need of all classes…….Various authors, contributors will help make this a reality.

Encounters – customized to about 1,000 – 1,500 words, is a collection of humorous stories about African village life and the impact of arrival of civilization…..Posted bi-weekly

Lets Talk Science – Science is hard stuff for some, right? What if we break down some of the sophisticated stuff into pieces that all may easily understand!….Randomly posted with word count of approximately 800. By various authors.

Marvelous Grace – There’s strength in the ways of men, but all have limit and fail at the point of our great need. There’s only one solid Rock that faileth not; God. Random wonderful words of life will be shared for spiritual nourishment. From various authors.

Tit Bits – Random short stories (less than 500 words). As things happen around us the mind of the writer processes and finally puts down in a comic relieving way.

ViPiMel – What about some occasional nice, easy videos, cool pics and sweet melodies!

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