Twice Lucky

10 min read – a story from the village “Asiwo ochier. Asiwo has risen!” “Wululululululu!” “Asiwo ochier.” Frenzied shrieks rent the still air, chickens squawked, an owl hooted. Birds, chirping among the scarce trees spread along the shore of Lake Victoria, halted their melodies. A dark cloud hung over the entire village after the clearContinue reading “Twice Lucky”

Good Morning Europe

A true story of Kevin and I, when Europe met Africa *9 min read* Osuofia in London. If Osuofia wasn’t yelling his order – pounded yams and egusi soup – to a clearly bewildered McDonald’s chef, he was lost for words why his late brother, who lived in London, bothered marrying a white girl who couldn’t cook.Continue reading “Good Morning Europe”

Dehorned, a rebel without a cause – part 2

Click here in case you missed part 1. He was buried in his book – the Desire of Ages, seat inclined in front of the table that was awash with the holy Bible, newspaper and other spiritual magazines. He had pitched his table at his usual spot, under the cool shade of the jacarandaContinue reading “Dehorned, a rebel without a cause – part 2”